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Team Sunderland Minster Advent Sleepout Church Urban Fund
Team Sunderland Minster Advent Sleepout
Church Urban Fund
Team Sunderland Minster Advent Sleepout
Team Sunderland Minster Advent Sleepout

Team Sunderland Minster Advent Sleepout's page has now expired

1392 days ago, Team Sunderland Minster Advent Sleepout created this page in support of Church Urban Fund.

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Our Challenge

One night can change everything. Could you give up one night of comfort so that someone else won’t have to?

On Friday 4th December 2015, Church Urban Fund and Depaul UK are inviting you to give up a night of comfort sleeping out at Sunderland Minster in a unique response to Advent.

Today there are still hundreds of vulnerable people in the North East who find themselves homeless and marginalised often through no fault of their own. You can help us to support those who may be struggling with debt, homelessness, isolation, addiction, abuse or violence.

It is estimated that on any one night 35 people sleep rough across the North East Region and this figure does not take into account for the fact that approximately 62% of single homeless people are hidden and may not show up in official figures. As well as this, there are 8.8 million people that are struggling with problem debt.

The hope is that this will be a refreshing approach to advent that will allow people to reclaim what advent means to them whilst they take part in a different kind of giving this Christmas.

Bishop of Jarrow said “By December 4th many of us will be well into our thinking about Christmas and what better way could there be to spend a night as part of our thinking about Christmas than to spend a night’s sleep-out as we prepare to welcome the Son of God who had nowhere to lay his head. The Christmas story not only tells of Mary and Joseph who found themselves homeless in Bethlehem - where no doubt a great deal of sofa surfing was going on that week — but later they find themselves fleeing as refugees into Egypt away from the cruelty of King Herod. I have been wondering over the past few weeks about how easy it was to find somewhere to stay when they arrived in Egypt and how the local people treated them. I hope that for all of us this will be a night of good reflection, good company and of course a chance to raise money for two charities who contribute so much to our life in the North East.”

Paul Hackwood, Executive Chair of Church Urban Fund said “Advent is a unique time for Christians as we remember that God chose to walk among us in the most truly humble of circumstances. The Advent Sleepout Challenge is a way for us to respond to that by placing ourselves in our very own ‘stables’ so that we can support the most vulnerable in our country.
“On top of this, we imagine this will be a really fun way to do something special in the run up to Christmas!”

Advent Sleepout Challenge invites you to swap your bed for a sleeping bag and stone floor and experience what will be a unique and inspiring night.

If you would like to bring a youth group along please would you contact Val Barron 01207 542815 or

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Advent Sleepout Challenge 2015 North East

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